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What’s New With Beverley Reichman

Thank you for visiting my website.  Scroll below to view and learn about all of my books available in print or electronic format.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!


18% of Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie book sale proceeds are donated to animal rescue and shelter organizations.

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Hugh The Hippo

In this fun, educational, and highly entertaining story, Oliver meets his hippocampus, Hugh. Together, they grow, learn and become inseparable sidekicks. 

When Oliver and his friends, Bella and Beau, get lost in an enchanted forest, they find out just how important their hippocampus is! Early readers will laugh out loud at the amusing illustrations and this super cute adventure story. 


Justice and Honor for My Sister

August 16, 2018

I can still vividly recall that dreadful day my parents received the telegram that Margie, my twin sister, had taken her own life. Margie, was an enlisted WAC serving as a surgical technician during WWII. A natural beauty with a witty sense of humor; she was always the strong one, fearless, determined, and adventurous. Merely days before her death, she had written me that she had found love again and said she was coming home to see her family before being deployed overseas.
The controvertible ruling of her cause of death, weighed heavily on my family, prompting decades of searching for the truth. Regrettably, our search for answers merely opened a Pandora's box of discrepancies, skepticism, frustration, and ultimately heartache.
Plagued by recurrent dreams . . . shadows all around her . . . this image haunted me day and night, and although I had suspended my search, I never gave up hope. It was my faith and hope that sustained me.
I sought justice and honor for my sister and felt compelled to share her story, not only for closure, but for peace of mind.

Newnan Times-Herald article

In stores now at these select retailers:

Valentine Candy

Cindi's Chocolate Valentine

Cindi isn’t sure about this holiday called Valentine’s Day, but after her people pair dress her up like a flamingo and take her for a walk in front of her friends, and her handsome new neighbor dog, Chip, she doesn’t like it at all! She and her BFF, Pitty Pat, have been watching Chip ever since he moved next door. She wants to meet him, but not like this! Have you ever changed your mind about something? In this outrageously funny story, meet some of Cindi’s fur-friends and find out if she changes her mind about Valentine’s Day.

Cindi’s Chocolate Valentine is an especially SPECIAL book because it features 17 pets that were chosen as winners in the Cindi Features a New Friend contest last summer.  As you can imagine, their ‘people families’ are beyond excited about their pets being part of the story.  We had over 750 pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, hedgehogs, and even a chicken, goat, donkey and monkey enter the contest!  


Cindi's Christmas Kitten Surprise

It's almost Christmas, and Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie wishes for two things she wants more than anything....SNOW and...a furry, fluffy playmate. See how Cindi comes up with the perfect plan to make her wishes come true. Will Santa grant her wishes?


Cindi, The Teenie Chiweenie

Meet Cindi, the teeniest puppy and only girl in a litter of boys! See how she melts the hearts of her new people mommy and daddy and enjoy learning how she spends her day and gets her way!

Image by Rinck Content Studio
Cindi and Sparkles cover.jpg

Cindi and Sparkles Howl-oween Ghoulfriends

Cindi and Sparkles Howl-oween Ghoulfriends is an adorable children's holiday book filled with vibrant illustrations and creative storytelling. This story is sure to entertain the whole family and spark imaginations for choosing the perfect Halloween costume for pets!


Kevin Can

April 4, 2019

Meet Kevin, a bright and happy seven year-old who loves baseball, dinosaurs and pizza.  


Kevin likes school, but it’s always been hard for him.  He just doesn’t understand….no matter


how hard he tries…….he can’t read and write like everyone else.  Sometimes, Kevin gets


frustrated because he can’t keep up in class and homework takes him ‘forever’.  


Do you ever feel confused and frustrated like Kevin?  Follow Kevin and see how he turns


his struggles into a learning adventure.    


Kevin Can is an interactive and delightful book that motivates young readers (and their


mentors) to  believe in the POWER of determination to achieve and succeed!


Available Now


Kevin is a Smart Cookie

Kevin, a bright and happy eight-year-old loves baseball, dinosaurs, and pizza.

Kevin likes school, but struggles with reading and writing. Follow Kevin and see how he and his third grade friends discover the MAGIC of tracking and attacking words, and meet his favorite dinosaur, Bart, and his best friend, Tommy.

Kevin is a Smart Cookie is an interactive and delightful book that motivates young readers to believe in the power of determination to achieve and succeed!


About Me

Bev Reichman Headshot.jpg

Beverley Reichman, a devoted mom and
elementary school educator, is a graduate
of Brenau University and the University of
Georgia. She teaches, tutors, and mentors
students and shares with them her passion
for learning, literature, living in faith, and
experiencing life to its fullest.


by His Grace


Joan Yankey (co-author of Justice and Honor for My Sister)

Joan Yankey, a native of Georgia and wife of forty-five years to her wonderful husband, David, is the mom of three daughters and seven grandchildren. She is the source for Justice and Honor for My Sister.

Debbie Burran (Illustrator for Kevin Can)

"It is by the grace of God that I am Blessed
with the talent of ART. Being surrounded by
creative, loving, and kind people, I am able to
express my ideas into children’s books. May
all the eyes that read and see this book find
peace and joy in reading."

Janine Rhodes (Illustrator for Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie)

Janine Rhodes was born in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia.  A self taught artist, Janine started drawing before she could walk.  She is extremely grateful for the extraordinary opportunities she's been given to use her artistic talent as both a graphic designer in the publishing industry and a freelance artist. Some of her creative designs include drawing vintage airlines, a book cover design, mural paintings, textile arts and mosaic designs.   Janine's love of travel has taken her many places, and she has lived in both Germany and Egypt. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of all of the places she's experienced, both far and near, and in seeing God's handiwork in bringing special people into her life along her journey. Janine currently lives in Newnan, Georgia with her husband, three chihuahuas and one dachshund.

Mark Jackson (Illustrator for Hugh the Hippo)

Mark Jackson is an avid fan of comic books.   He began reading them at the age of four and attributes them to his early advanced reading ability and interest in visual storytelling. Stories about larger than life characters doing amazing things brought to life by vibrant imagery ignited his desire to become a graphic artist. Mark has created a diverse portfolio of story characters, including Sci-Fi comic, fantasy, and hippos, of course.

Inspirational Authors

Authors that have inspired my passion for writing:



Mitch Albom

Richard Paul Evans

Max Lucado

WM. Paul Young

Dr. Seuss

"Without great mountains, we cannot reach great heights."

-Richard Paul Evans, Miles to Go



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